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Monday, November 14, 2011


14th Nov 2011. :)

Well, yesterday, day out with baby. (Y) Teeehee. :) Really happy yesterday, our 4th month. But i seriously feel sad and unhappy that i made him upset.. Because i have yet to write our 3rd & 4th month letter. ): Sighs.. Okay, i'll write later. Let's start.
We met at Jurong East Int. Then after that...
Bugis street - Iluma - Bugis Junction - Vivo (Movie) - Sentosa (Breakfast cum lunch?)
Yeep. Damn fucked up, i tell you.... I was suppose to pay for lunch... End up he pay everything and don't let me pay a single cent.... So bad. ): Went to watch 23:59, because i haven't watch yet. But baby watched already, he watch again to accompany me. ^^ Short elaboration. Pictures. :)
Ohyeah, we had neoprints too. (Y)

Okay, shall stop here! Bye. :)