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I prefer to be true to myself, even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others, rather than to be false, and to incur my own abhorrence. I know myself better then anyone do. I'm shy at first. But once you get to know me I won't shut up :) I post what I think, and I'm not afraid to express how I feel. Because that's simply how bitchy I am.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Makeup. (Y)

How's this? :))
HEHE. ^~^

Hmmmm, i'm here posting again.. Because.. It's too boring larh. Then is like... I don't feel like leaving my laptop and like... Camping here till next morning. Which i don't want larh. But then.. I still can't get myself to bed, even though i'm tired leh. So it's already difficult for me to off the laptop and walk afew steps to my room and sleep. Ohgwad. If i've this special thing that can don't make me walk and just.. Like a... Travel-ator? Or something that can move? WITHOUT ME MOVING AT ALL.. Then that will be such a great help.. But then, i thought again.. It isn't going to work too.. Yea, so just stick here infront and do boring stuffs, even though it is, i'm still going to sit here. LOL. HAHAHA. ^~^ Hmmm, so i've like... Posted a picture? Yeep. Just right above, my rantings. :)) I tried doing make up my own, style and such. And i can see... It's quite a success larh. HAHA. My eyes look bigger.. ALOT AND MUCH MORE BIGGER. It seems like a Gayru. Those Japanese girls with, circle lenses, heavy make up on eyes, dramatic false lashes both top & bottom. From small eyes to BIG EYES leh. Likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, nice only larh! (Y) Well, i wear lens too larh. The above picture is uhhhhhhh... I.Fairy Eclipse Grey. :3 It's chio, big and nice. :)) i love it. And.... From far you see it's black, when you come nearer, it's actually grey. :) Quite cute! HAHAHA. ^~^ I realised something.. When i'm bored and actually have more things to talk about. I'll talk alot and rant alot. HAHA. When i'm lazy or busy to post, i'll just give it a super super short one. Like... 2-3 sentence? Just saying that i'm lazy or busy & byebye. MUAHAHAHA. :PP Okay larh, i think i should stop liao lorh. Or else, i'll keep on ranting and ranting non stop. So.... BYEBYE. :)) Do click on my Nuffnang, yea? Love ya!